The Time Has Come

So it only took me a year to fill this empty page with letters. I have been planning to start writing. Just writing. I didn’t have anything in mind, but I knew there was something inside me just waiting to come out. Its as if my extreme talent for talking for never ending hours is not enough, I felt like there was something else knocking at my fingers.Despite my hard earned C in my journalism class, I was hungry for more. Whether its to prove myself or just unload on to an empty page. Since I am graduating with a Bachelors of Science in fashion design in May, it is only natural for me to speak of the crazy yet addicting world of style. I have to admit I don’t know everything about fashion. Sure I read enormous amounts of fashion magazines and blogs. They feed my soul and lift my spirits and their differences and unique tastes keep me coming back for more like the wineries of Napa Valley. But they give me so many point of views that its hard for me to know whats in style anymore. Just taking a look at “worst dressed” and “fashion police” features in magazines I end up seeing the same things in both categories. One day Katie Holmes is a fashion disaster the next she is setting the trend– surprisingly in the same outfit. This befuddles me and I’m left to decide whether I- a girl raised in a tiny corner of Europe, think its the new season’s IT trend. I do like different and unique things, after all by dressing we are showing our personalities and perhaps even a bit of our soul, sometimes hoping our outfit is going to make us seem like something we want to be, and other times wishing it will help us hide from our own reality…

~ by vilteblogs on January 14, 2009.

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