944 party

Last night i hit up LOFT 7 for a downtown shindig. Ok so perhaps the 944 issue release party wasn’t a shindig.. more like a huge party with amazing catering from Yxta (dates wrapped in bacon anyone?). What’s that you are thinking?? Liquor? Well, 944 never disappoints in that category. This time it was Tres Generaciones Tequila. Too bad I’m allergic, but the colors of the drinks were intoxicating enough for me.
The August nightlife Issue celebration didn’t let anyone down. Besides the wonderfully dressed people on every corner ( my favorite part), there were “T-shirt” makers on stand by. You got one plain, Future Heretics white tee ( soft like a cloud) and got to pick three designs to be printed as you demand, right in front of you. IT doesn’t matter that I spend the whole night standing in line for it, at the end of the evening I walked out with a graphic T-shirt that had naked women taking shots. Ahhhh, gotta love Hollywood. Oh, lets not forget the Polite in Public photo booth, that seems to be at any major LA event. Let’s just say everyone got a chance to make sure they will remember this night for many days to come..

~ by vilteblogs on August 13, 2009.

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