A wet comeback

So I have decided to not let a little thing like no followers stop me from not writing my blog. Ok, so there is one other thing–NO MOTIVATION. The last few months have not been fields of daisies for me. My sweet grandpa passed away and I felt like I lost a part of me. Couple of months later I lost my dad, right before the holidays. This blew my whole world into a billion pieces. I never thought I could feel this empty inside and have been struggling finding myself lately. I guess inspirations for writing have been hard for me to come across..But I make a promise today, to myself (and my three followers, that consist of my sweet sister, loyal husband and a dear friend)–I will write more. I will rise to the challenge. My own challenge that seems to come to me as a huge wave, trying to drown me in nothing but hesitation. I will dive under that wave and come out wet, yet undefeated! (Ok, perhaps I overdid it on the analogy, but you get my point..)
For now,I say good night to you, my sweet computer screen and vow to return soon…

~ by vilteblogs on February 6, 2010.

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