Unexpected Inspiration

As I was driving this morning listening to the radio ( merely for the interviews with famous people, I live vicariously through them!) I got inspired by a very unlikely person. Being interviewed was Anastasia, the famous brow artist. She has build her empire by plucking beautiful women like Jeniffer Lopez and Penelope Cruz. I tried my best not to judge her but 40 dollars for a brow wax seemed a little bit too steep. I must say now- I admire her work and attitude. After listening to her speak I can tell that she is a woman just like us- a woman who wants to help other women feel amazing about themselves. She believes that by taking good care of yourself and your appearance you will feel more confident, look happier and people will see that spark. The radiance comes from within and with just a little help from her team you also feel like the beautiful Goddess you know you are.
After some thinking I realized that I have neglected my beauty routine. After getting married it seemed like Shaving my legs wasn’t necessary post bikini season and my hair roots can show 2 inches until I feel pressured to get my hair done. Shame on me, I thought to myself- I am young and beautiful and I need to make sure there is nothing that makes people think otherwise. I feel gorgeous inside and sometimes I forget that I don’t always spend enough time with others for them to truly see that. First impressions do last forever- and from now on I am going to make only the most amazing ones!

~ by vilteblogs on March 9, 2010.

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