Main St.

What are beautiful dress! All I know about it is that it is by a European designer.. that’s all I got from its model. Oh well, “you can make it yourself” she said to me. Not sure about duplicating that pattern but I sure can admire these pictures I snapped..

~ by vilteblogs on May 2, 2010.

One Response to “Main St.”

  1. one of the most amazing stories re: fashion that i've heard is from my mom who, at one point, was studying costume designing. she was hanging out in the costume shop one evening when a woman came in frantic because she had to go to a gala that evening and in which she was nominated for something, but she didn't have a dress. my mom's professor stood the woman on a stand in front of a mirror and using the dress that the woman had on already while adding other material, created an evening gown for this woman in less than an hour with no pattern! my mom said she was amazed. i know nothing about fashion but i can surely appreciate that kind of magic. 🙂

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