Nicolas Ghesquière for Balenciaga

Nicolas Ghesquière is only getting better with age



Gemma Ward sure knows how to rock a Balenciaga piece


“There is no one left worth dressing”-said Cristobal Balenciaga when he closed the doors of his couture house in 1968.  It wasn’t until 1997 when a regular freelancer for the brand, 26 year old Nicolas Ghesquière took over as the creative director, that the Balenciaga label awoke from the dead and once again became the innovative fashion house it once was. It’s no surprise that Ghesquière has made such a huge impact. After all, at only 19 years old he was already the assistant designer to Gaultier.

The latest: In 2001, Balenciaga was bought by Gucci Group. A year later, the menswear line was launched. For the 2011 spring women’s collection Ghesquière went for classical black and white prints but didn’t hesitate to throw in red pleather… “It was partly borrowed from the men’s wardrobe, but darker, twisted. But it was also about individuality, like the choice of the girls – young models, street casting and famous names. Having different generations is a newer concept of beauty for me.”


If I get one question…

Q: How have your own experiences affected your work as a designer?

NG: ” The History of the house is incredible, which means I can work with a lot of freedom. Cristobal Balenciaga discovered so many things, was so inventive, it’s astonishing. I can work on something and then look back through the archives and find it already. I am very respectful of Balenciaga, but this is another time ad it is my vision of what Balenciaga is now.”


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