Those sexy True Religion Jeans- we all love them. Apparently some of us love it so much that we buy them, even though they are.. FAKE! Shame, shame.
On October 21st, police raided a factory that was counterfeiting not only True Religion Jeans, but also Nike, Ed Hardy, Affliction and Lacoste. 1,000 finished products were confiscated along with 15 sewing machines, 3 eighteen headed embroidery machines, 2 silk screen machines and 1 heat transfer machine. Wow! That’s a well funded operation!
After the police got a tip a few weeks back they send someone in “undercover”. Long and behold.. it was true. It seems that counterfeiting is heading home, I guess China no longer makes enough to supply the high demand of cheaply made jeans that have a fancy logo on it, If Americans want it, they will get it. Even if they have to make it themselves. Ohoh.

~ by vilteblogs on October 27, 2010.

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