Karen Walker

Karen Walker is the perfect poster child for her own line

Its so great to see talented designers from far a way lands spread their wings and fly over to the good  ‘ol US of A.  One of those great designers is Karen Walker- a  New Zealand native who skipped fashion school and with her mom’s $100 sewing machine made her first man’s shirt and oversized Liberty pants. It didn’t take long for this young entrepreneur to open up her shop in Auckland and later showrooms in London, Sydney, NY and Tokyo. She is inspired by the struggle between masculine and feminine, combining those two energies in her designs.  No wonder celebs like Sienna Miller, Jennifer Lopez, Liv Tyler and Alexa Chung are all big fans.

The latest:  In 2007, Karen was awarded the  Prix de Marie Claire award for best creative talent.  She also has her own jewelery line as well as a selection of paint colours  that are sold through Resene paint stores throughout New Zealand and Australia.


If I get one question…

Q:  How have your own experiences affected your designs?

KW: I think that playing in the global fashion game while living in the forest in New Zealand brings a certain casualness to my work and also the isolation gives me an empathy with the outsider character I love so much.

To shop Karen Walker visit Karenwalker.com

~ by vilteblogs on October 28, 2010.

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