Christopher Bailey for Burberry

Christopher Bailey looks best in his own design

“I’m a very down-to-earth designer”, says Christopher Bailey, who has ruled as  the genius behind Burberry since 2001.  His resume is quite impressive- Masters from Royal College of Art in London, a two year stint at Donna Karan and right before joining Burberry, designing at Gucci alongside Tom Ford.

In charge of all the product lines, Bailey is mostly focused on  longevity. With subtle humbleness  and an eye for detail, this designer has launched Burberry into a raving go to house.


The latest: On 19 June, Burberry Acoustic was launched in conjunction with the SS11 menswear show. Burberry Acoustic celebrates the Burberry heritage of founding, developing and supporting emerging British talent.  In September Burberry opened a store in Brussels.


If I get one question…

Q:  Who has been the greatest influence on your career?

CB: “The little person inside my body who tells me what to do. Whenever I’ve  made any major decisions, I’ve  always completely relied on that little voice.  Even when I decided to leave Gucci and everybody without fail told me I was crazy, that little voice kept on saying ‘it’s time, you need to move on’.  I was going to nothing and I certainly didn’t have this role here, but I did it anyway.”


To shop Burberry visit

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