Angela Missoni for.. Missoni

Angela Missoni says she grew up with her parents' work


The daughter of Rosita and Ottavio Missoni, Angela Missoni can confidently say she was born into a fashion dynasty.  Established in 1953, the Missoni Fashion House has thrived for over 5 decades. And one can argue, that it’s the family values that has allowed this company to grow year after year.  Angela, who has been the creative director of womenswear since 1997 (and in 2008 also the menswear), has brought the modern twist to the line by introducing denim and florals to the classic designs.

The latest: in 2009, Hotel Missoni opened in Edinburgh, Scotland and the UK.  In 2010 another one in Kuwait with more scheduled to open by 2012.


If I get one question…

Q:  Can fashion still have a political ambition?

AM: ” Fashion is mirroring women’s condition, it talks of the freedom most women have on this planet. It is a medium of expression and a channel of communication: the authority of fashion brands can be used to bring to the public attention crucial problems of our culture and society, to raise funds and to increase public participation.”


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