Jessica Ogden



Jessica Ogden  must be one in a thousand designers who creates her sample sizes in size 12.  I love her already.

She is also self taught Jamaican born and creates her designs from old and unwanted materials, making them fabulously chic and bringing them to life.  She studied sculpture in London and loves incorporating texture into her collections. Layers, stitches and patch work have become her signatures and is what has made her known worldwide.  I am sad to hear that a couple of years ago she closed her studio in London and moved to Paris to work with APC house Madras. We are dissapointed that she   no longer designs under her namesake but we know it won’t be too long until we see her taking a bow on the runway once again.


The latest: Ogden recently opened up her own studio in Paris and is planning to continue designing things she loves the most including her childrens line.


If I get one question…

Q:  What inspires you?

JO: ”  Found objects, found cloth, fleeting memories, half asleep dreams..”

~ by vilteblogs on November 8, 2010.

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