Jeff Griffin for Griffin

This designer cares about the environment




Yes,  the military trend has been around for a while. But it was Jeff Griffin who started it with his upside down coat and sleeping bag jacket. After working at Italian Houses like Fiorucci and Valentino, in 1993 he set up his own label, and boy am I glad he did! I love designers that strive to be different and think outside the box..And Griffin did just that, when after four successful shows he decided to  produce only technological installations for the British Design Council. In 1998 he was one of the first to launch his collection on the internet ( yes, they did have internet in 1998, just in case you were wondering).

The latest: Today, Griffin lives in Southwest of England and works with Italy’s finest manufacturers to create top quality garments. His Spring/Summer11 collection was inspired by the Katherine Hamnet era (1985) – loose, oversized with black/white contrast and as always, military green.


If I get one question…

Q: What’s your ultimate goal?

JG: ” I would love to cultivate an organic forest that would provide produce for a sophisticated alternative to this rat race we live in. The ultimate goal would be to create a near completely self-sustained ecological system that promoted natural methods of self-sufficiency as thoroughly modern issue..I am not a hippy.”


To shop Griffin visit here.

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