Fall Shoes

Every one loves a great deal. And as much as we all pretend to frown upon Forever21, we all know it’s a great shopping destination for those of us on a budget (ME!). Yes, it is fast fashion, and I agree we must all own high quality classics, but with trends changing so quickly it’s good to have inexpensive options. I don’t know about you, but I like to have many choices in my closet.. what I will wear will depend on the weather (don’t get me started on this weather that can’t make up its mind in LA!), activities planned and most importantly- MY MOOD. Needless to say, F21 along with H&M are my go to’s when I need to switch things up.I wrote up some F21 pieces here) Currently, I am in a search of great fall shoes. I have plenty of sandals, of course. It’s the boots and oxfords that are calling my name during this cool spell. Here are a few I picked, and will work on narrowing it down for my upcoming Holidays in Canada.

1.Suedette Oxford ankle Boot $28.80
2. Chic Over The Knee Suedette Boots $36.80
3. Combat Peeptoe Boots $27.80
4. Suedette Elastic Ankle Boot $29.80
5. Wedge Booties $32.80
6. Fray Over the Knee Boot $34.80

~ by vilteblogs on November 19, 2010.

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