Farmer’s Market

Due to my recent move to SM, I can now walk to the market in 3 minutes!

These will be perfect for a smoothie and for the dinner salad

You need to get to the flower corner early, they sell out of the best ones quickly..

I picked up some of these perfect size bite Pee Wee potatoes and will make them for dinner


I always loved the idea of walking to the Farmer’s market every weekend and grabbing all of the freshest ingredients for my week ahead. Too bad the closest Farmer’s market was a 15 minute drive away and my fantasy clearly did not involve looking where to park for 30 minutes. THANKFULLY, we have moved to Santa Monica and I can now start my tradition the right way. Today was my first visit to the Promenade Farmer’s market! I grabbed my cozy H&M sweater, threw on my comfy TOMS shoes and headed down two blocks to stock up on veggies. I got enough greens to last 3 days (not to worry, there is another farmer’s market on Wednesdays!) and some tasty potatoes to make for dinner tonight.

~ by vilteblogs on January 8, 2011.

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