Things I love


Beautiful flowers my husband surprised me with that will make our apartment smell amazing for a long time

Today is a day dedicated to love. Although, to be honest I am not too crazy about Valentine’s day. It’s not that I don’t like the tradition. I simply agree with all of those “every-day-should-be-Valentine’s-day” type of folks. Every night is a special night for me and my husband. Everyday I tell my family that I love them. But, if the world needs a day to give some people an excuse to treat their loved ones in a special way.. I am all for it. Whatever gets the chocolate sales to go up! After all, a world is a much happier place to live in when peopleĀ  consume chocolate:)

Today, I thought about all the things around my home that make me happy and that I love dearly. I am sharing a few of them here with you…<3

Happy day of love, everyone.

A picture of me and my late daddy that cheers me up everyday

Gorgeous and unique jewelery that my amazingly creative mommy makes and I get to wear for my special date tonight

Our newly painted (by me!) walls, with beautiful images by Myra Vides of Erik and me

~ by vilteblogs on February 14, 2011.

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