Vintage shopping




I am a big fan of thrift shops but they are usually a whole day commitment, since you need to go through many rocks to find the gem. This weekend my dear friend Sam ( she is usually  the one to introduce me to many cool places:) took me to a Thrift Outlet in Glendale. I usually try to stay away from that side of town but now I have a perfectly great reason to go there. It didn’t look like much as we were parking but once I stepped inside I was like a kid at a candy store. There were so many amazing pieces! Vintage shoes, bags and coats. Most of all there were all extremely affordable. Neat cotton skirts and cropped tops were $2..Needless to say I almost needed to be dragged out, by said friend (who, by the way,  found some really nice boots for herself)…

~ by vilteblogs on March 13, 2011.

2 Responses to “Vintage shopping”

  1. Miss Sixty “letizia” boots (new$259.00) only $3.99 and
    KC sandals (new$89) only $3.99 ! love it!!

  2. whattt where is this place? i live in gdale & have never been! sounds amazing

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