Dana Point

Leave it to me to get on a boat the day after we have a Tsunami warning.  It is after all, whale migrating season.. they are now migrating back from Baja and we couldn’t miss an opportunity to wave to them as they pass by. Weeelllll, we saw no whales. Apparently they were not in the mood to socialize with us. BUT, there were many dolphins playing around in pairs looking super cute and romantic. It got a bit chilly on the boat so I am glad I had my scarf that I got in downtown LA years ago and it still manages to be right on hand when I realize it’s colder then I thought it would be..it saved the day once again.

After the 2 hour boat ride, we took a stroll at Dana Point Harbor. They were having a festival of sorts, with an art show by local artists and live music. It was EXACTLY what I needed after a tough week. Even though I am currently upset with Mother Nature and giving her the silent treatment for what she did to Japan, I do want to thank her for this wonderful sunny day at Dana Point. Thank You, Mother Nature, now I am back to not talking to you.

~ by vilteblogs on March 14, 2011.

3 Responses to “Dana Point”

  1. Great shots!!!

  2. Gorgeous photoa!

  3. *photos!

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