I would have a nickle

If I had a penny for every time I decided to do something different with my blog.. Well, I would have about a nickle.

As my life has taken a huge turn and I am about to start not only a new chapter but a whole new book,  so will my blog.  Oh, pardon me for being MIA for the last few weeks. This has also been due to the huge changes that come about from the dark woods. But I promise- great things are ahead. Fabulous things. Unforeseen yet surprisingly fantastic things.

In the mean time, I have discovered Tumblr and will soon submerge myself into thee.  This will also unleash so much more greatness.

To some it up- things have been tough but will be fantastic again.

P.s. Since I can’t allow myself to press the “post” button without adding an image, I am sharing a beautiful picture of daisies, which are my favorite flowers, that my sweet mom gave me to cheer me up. And they did. For a whole week.

~ by vilteblogs on June 10, 2011.

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