Pack light

When I packed for Paris I knew I had to pack light. Those two words, “pack light”,  are seriously considered curse words in my vocabulary. But I knew I had to do it.. Unless I wanted to drag 200 pounds with me across the world, I had to downsize.. ugh. So I packed mostly pants and other warm clothes, assuming that the light tops and dresses would be the cheapest thing I would be required to purchase if need be. I made some exceptions, of course. Like these shorts I wore today for a walk through Paris with friends ( we do that a lot here). These shorts were a master piece of my vision and my mom’s amazing talent. She helped me design them and then crochet them for me. It took her probably around 60 hours, but they came out fabulous. They are from linen and are heavy for travel, but I had no doubt in my mind that I will be bringing them. In my carry on, nonetheless. After all, we know the golden rule- keep all your valuables close to you.

~ by vilteblogs on July 12, 2011.

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