Vintage Bar

So I know I have been going on and on about my vintage finds here in Paris. But there is one place that is the must visit for every vintage lover. The Vintage Bar is a small store (and has apparently been a bar in it’s last life) with vintage goodies like Dior, Chanel and those alike. Now you can see why I would find this appealing. Not that I plan on spending my hard earned non existent money on any of it.. but  it’s nice to hang out there and maybe throw on a fur coat, light a cigarette.. ( ok, ew I wouldn’t light a cigarette even to pretend but  there is a very “Fur coat, cig in hand” type of vibe in that place..). I tried to snap some pictures for you my friends, it even had a tea room! But before I could, I was told paparazzo like me were not allowed.. So here is little something I did get..

~ by vilteblogs on July 25, 2011.

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