Orléans, France





What should a gal do when it’s freezing outside and she is sick of the city? Grab a friend and head out of town, of course! That is exactly what I did this Sunday when Paris seemed like too much “city” for me and one of my girl friends. We did have one problem.. We knew it was going to be really chilly no matter where we go in this part of France. We faced this problem like real troopers- by bringing a bottle of wine and piling on as many layers as we could. Since it was Sunday, the town of Orléans was ghostly empty.. There was not one person in sight! Not to mention any stores…We found some maps left outside of the locked tourism center and paced ourselves for a cold day wondering the cute streets of this beautiful town. This is after all, where Joan of Arc started her adventures! We did end up finding a cafe/bar that was open and even a museum that kept us warm for a couple of hours. Before we knew it, our train was ready to depart and we laughed and giggled  all of the way home… perhaps we should save our genius travel ideas for the warmer seasons!


~ by vilteblogs on January 31, 2012.

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