Arriving in NY for fashion week has been an amazing experience. The city, as if never changing but so rapidly moving is as beautiful as ever. I am lucky enough to be staying at the NY Plaza with the great designer Laure of LK PARIS. We are having a private showroom of her latest collection and I am so happy I get to be here for all the excitement. (If you are a fashionista and in town, there is still time to come see us!). The weather here is chilly, very much like Paris but with the added wind. Thankfully, I have a great vintage coat that I got in Paris right before leaving for NY..

~ by vilteblogs on February 15, 2012.

One Response to “NY, NY…”

  1. It is with pleasure that I remember these images.
    I believe this is fashion week and shall remain an important moment in in our collaboration.
    This is the season launching of the collection “Couture to Wear”.
    New York was an amazing journey, with many surprises.

    From Paris …LOVE ! 😉

    Laure Kczekotowska

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