Healthy Tuesday




I know I don’t usually do food entries, but today I was so inspired by my urge to make a healthy dinner that I thought I would share (ok, brag) with you. Last year my family finally got a plot in the local garden community, after 5 years of being on the waiting list ( my idea, of course. Oops, bragging again…). We were all very excited that we will now get to grow our own veggies and hang out in the garden..But of course, with my random trips across the world, I have not been there once besides the initial first visit.

Today my mom finally picked our very full heads of lettuce, an abundance in fact. I got so excited that I ran to the store and got all my favorite veggies, like avocados and courgettes. I used the lettuce and radish from our garden and added all kinds of goodies. After eating all the baguettes and cheese in Paris for almost a year, a salad for dinner is just what I need if I want to get into beach season shape! (A glass of wine, however, was in no way excluded, that is a Parisian habit I refuse to let go). My concoction was a great success and I am not ashamed that I did not leave anything for lunch tomorrow..But then again, thankfully there is plenty of it where that came from.

~ by vilteblogs on April 10, 2012.

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