Cirque de la mode

Sometimes, life brings  a circumstance your way in order to make sure you are exactly where you’re suppose to be. Recently, I started to contribute to an amazing UK website Your Coffee Break. When the editor send me the first assignment, I couldn’t believe my luck. I was going to go to my alma mater, CSUN fashion show “Cirque de la mode”! It seems like just yesterday I was one of those graduating designers who had worked until my fingers bled to create a collection and present it in front of friends, professors and other fashion pros. Very few of us make it out to our university campus after graduation and here was my chance, not to just visit but to see the newest generation present their work. Besides hanging out at the VIP lounge and chatting up with my ex professors I got to sit front row and enjoy the show from the best spot in the house. I am so proud of all the creative talent that will be soon hitting the fashion market! Go CSUN, way to show it FIDM..:-)

~ by vilteblogs on April 30, 2012.

2 Responses to “Cirque de la mode”

  1. Nice post! Thanks for featuring the top two pictures from my collection:)

  2. The futuristic ones I mean

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