San Clemente, CA





This week we had a guest from Canada visiting. Well, not an official guest really, it was my sister’s sister in law. Or my brother in law’s sister…for the purpose of less confusion we decided I will refer to her as my sister in law and go into the details if anyone cared to ask for them. She comes to visit us once a year or so and since she has a wedding coming up we were excited to have her here to chat about all the excitement. The day before she was leaving, we went down to San Clemente for a lovely BBQ and a nice walk on the beach. Unfortunately, the weather was not bikini friendly and we barely made it home before the rain caught up with us. Nonetheless, I love visiting that area. There is something about the very southern end of California’s coast that is so inviting and  low key yet different from sunny LA beach towns.  I am sure the weather will be much more cooperative  when we see each other again in September. This time, in Toronto for that special day!

~ by vilteblogs on May 26, 2012.

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