Boston, not just a town of beans


Last week I decided to join a group of my friends and head to Boston for a International Lithuanian Folk Dance Festival. Mouthful, isn’t? Well, as some of you might know, I grew up in Lithuania and contrary to popular belief there are plenty of us out here! Every few years, our folk dance groups from all over the world come together for a festival and a catch up session. So, here I was on Thursday, all packed up and ready to catch up with 3000 people.

I have never been to Boston so I was stoked to check out the city. My biggest adventure was taking the Duck Tour. Hopping on a bus with driver/guide named Plucky Ruffles, I was entertained for an hour an a half through the streets of the city and then in the water. Ruffles was hilarious…even threw in a dirty joke here and there to remind us we are not at Disneyland.

I’ll be honest. The rest of the weekend I spend going to restaurants and bars, socializing. But I must say, the bars of Boston are definitely a great part of the city’s attractions!¬†Exploring one of the oldest cities in America was a real treat and of course what I feared most, happened. I now officially want to live there! Last time I said I want to live somewhere, I spend a year in Paris. This could be a beginning of great plans and even more adventures..

~ by vilteblogs on July 8, 2012.

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