Oh, here I am.

No, I have not died. But close. I got a full time job! Justttt kidding..Not about the job, but about it being close to dieing. I really do love my new full time gig as a publicist for a great boutique agency here in LA. It has been such a blessing and I am so excited about all the fantastic things to come from this new adventure. It is a bit odd not to be a freelancer and make my own hours, but perhaps I was due for some structure. Plus, I get to represent some amazing brands! But more on that later..

 I have been busy, but surprisingly, this has inspired me to blog and write more. So yes, I will be one of those 6am bloggers. Ok, maybe more like one of those 1am bloggers.

 Maybe its because it is summer time, and last year at this time I was in Paris having just decided to stay there for months to come.. but I have been really feeling nostalgic and missing all my friends in France. So to honor them, here is a little shout out. Vive La France! 🙂

~ by vilteblogs on August 9, 2012.

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