Venice, oh, Venice



This week I got a chance to have some fun with an amazing photographer, Jurate Schoenherr, who¬†happens to be a model and a friend of mine. We met up in my beautiful Venice neighborhood and ran around on the beach. The weather was nice and fresh, perfect time for a casual photo shoot in the sun. I wore a skirt that my mom, a talented designer had created and hand crocheted for me. Its made of raw linen and took months to finish, needless to say, it hold tremendous value to me so I was super stoked to shoot it. The pants I got in a vintage shop when I lived in Paris.. They are not always the most flattering with flats but work so well with high leather shoes, like these that I’ve had for years.

More where that came from, my dears. More projects, more clients and more love coming your way.

~ by vilteblogs on January 11, 2013.

2 Responses to “Venice, oh, Venice”

  1. Trying to locate Jurate

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