Sick days and lemons




Tea, naps, tea, lemons and.. more tea. I have been in denial that the flu was taking over for two weeks until finally, a few days ago I caved in. Perhaps it was the sadness of missing Paris Fashion Week or the overwhelming joy of starting so many great projects, but my body seemed like it wanted to spend 3 days in isolation. Drinking tea. In bed. I managed to squeeze in one walk on the beach, (mostly because my sides were hurting from laying in bed so long) and today I finally bundled up and met up with a friend for a bike ride and brunch. Don’t worry, I am 98% on my way to full recovery. Tomorrow I am back to work with the amazing ØDD team on a campaign shoot. Stoked? YES. Sick? Not if more lemons can help it!

~ by vilteblogs on January 28, 2013.

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