Stylesnooperdan, I love you



I have to admit- I follow A LOT of blogs. And by a lot I mean I spend  good half of my morning every day catching up on all my favorite stylists, editors, fashionistas… (It’s part of my job..uhm.) My favorite by FAR is my dearest Stylesnooperdan. She (that’s right, SHE) might not have a fancy magazine layout but her daily collections of inspirations is my go to before I even get dressed for the day. And for that, I thank you, Dan. I have decided that I shall share some of my faves of the week, but by all means.. Check out Dan’s blog yourself- and tell her I sent yah. 😉










~ by vilteblogs on January 7, 2014.

5 Responses to “Stylesnooperdan, I love you”

  1. Especially love this round-up of pics!

    xo Catherine
    The Single Diaries

  2. wow! love your look! check out my blog

  3. Great choice in photos – I am loving them all…now if only I have a clothing budget to match 😉 !!!


  4. Hey, I’ve just come across this and wow, I’m so flattered & happy! Thank you so much, this is so nice! Much love xx

  5. Thank YOU, Stylesnooperdan, for being so fantastic 😉

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